Fall 2021

c uStomer ’ S o wn m aterial 214 Yardage Required Before ordering material for a C.O.M. item, call the C.O.M. Department for the estimated yardage required. To provide accurate yardage require- ments for the requested style, we need the following information: 1. Is the desired material of upholstery grade? (Silks are not considered upholstery grade.) 2. Is the material “railroaded” or “conventional” roll goods? 3. Does the material have 54” of usable fabric, not including the selvage? C.O.M. orders with less than 54” in width are normally not accepted (except for throw pillows). If deter- mined useable, there will be a hand cutting charge for you to approve before releasing. 4. Is a pattern repeat involved that needs to be considered in cutting? (Repeats on a random pattern will not affect cutting.) A list of approximate C.O.M. yardage requirements is available. Please call the C.O.M. Department at extension 3229 for more information. We do not return leftover fabric after order is cut. Specifications It is the dealer’s responsibility to see that the material received at the factory for C.O.M. orders is free from flaws, bow or bias. We cannot be responsible for fabric quality or durability. We may refuse to apply a C.O.M. due to its pattern. All C.O.M. woven goods must be backed to prevent unraveling and seam separation. Backing must be full 54” to be classified as In addition to the covers in our line, we will also build furniture with fabric or leather provided by the customer. usable. If received C.O.M. is not backed, it will need to be sent out for backing which holds up the order. We can surge all cuts and sew seams, to avoid a delay. This will help the longevity of the fabric from unraveling and seam separation. Surging would be at an additional cost. C.O.M. Dept will contact you for approval before cutting. Inside is face — the C.O.M. needs to be rolled correctly with the face of the cover inside. If we need to reroll it in the correct direction, there is a handling charge. We do not accept leathers (C.O.L.) requiring matching or direction orientation. We have no ac- curate method of calculating the the total square footage required. Embossed leathers are not for overall use. Identification When you place a C.O.M. order, please include some description of the fabric, such as “light blue cotton floral print” and the mill or source name. This allows the fabric to be correctly identified. Any unidentified C.O.M. or C.O.L. will be stored for 30 days, then disposed of. We cannot hold a fabric roll, for a possible order change, while customer is making a decision. We will return the fabric and the dealer should reorder.